Our Story

What is Creative Voices?

Creative Voices, an eclectic women’s performance group.

Staying oh so true to our eclectic description, Creative Voices is a like-minded group of women from all walks of life who come together to develop musical performances fostered in ideas, style, and taste derived from a broad range of sources. We welcome the challenge to perform any genre, and thoroughly enjoy creating customized pieces for community and clients.

Priding ourselves on colourful presentation, diversity of performance, and in providing members with a safe and encouraging space, Creative Voices works hard to encourage members to deepen their musical mastery but also recognizes that each woman represents a unique story complete with joy and pain, knowledge and truth, and that each individual is in a stage and phase of life that may be similar or different from those around her.

It is with this diversity of experience, skill level, and life circumstance that we liken our group to an artist’s tapestry and liken each individual woman to a colourful thread woven carefully within the masterpiece. Together, we are a vibrant representation of inclusivity, outreach, and we revel in the power of performance as it relates to women’s empowerment.

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In the Beginning

How it all Started

Creative Voices was founded in 2011. Since then, we have performed at many community events and have held numerous concerts. We pride ourselves on being a group of understanding, non-judgmental women who push each other to try new things and come out of our comfort zones.